The GigaWire solution is designed to optimize coverage for In-Building networks for MDU/MTU, Hospitality, Campus, Stadiums, Public Venue and Enterprise over the existing wiring infrastructure to avoid the high cost of installing new fiber.  This is enabled through the continued advancement of technology, which utilizes existing coax or twisted pair copper wire to deliver “Fiber-Like” speeds for distances up to 1000+ feet. These Gigabit solution benefits utilize copper and coaxial facilities to avoid problematic engineering and construction inside premises―as required by fiber deployments―which may involve drilling holes, opening wiring conduits and disrupting painful on-going business operations.  

Now, especially for Managed Wireless Networks, designers can make use of the existing wire facilities to provide ample bandwidth to support Wi-Fi access points and deliver robust coverage through-out any building or structure. 

Proven value for the GigaWire Solution

over other Installations

Lower Cost

The GigaWire solution can reduce capital expenses by more than 60-70% comparable to fiber installations. With the simple use of our GigaWire Pre-Qualification Kit – you can identify just how Gigabit of data can be transported over 1000 feet throughout your building.

Faster Installations

Utilizing existing wire facilities will deliver faster and more complete coverage while delivering more options for designers to create multiple coverage scenarios that are just-right for your property. This also helps with aesthetics placement of devices to lessen unwanted visible objects that might break up room design continuity and remove any potential for guest or resident interference.

Less On-Going Operational Disruption

When you utilize In-Building wire, either coax or twisted pair the obligation for operational disruption is dramatically reduced. No floors or areas will be forced to be decommissioned and shut down because installations are quick and simple through the utilization of existing outlets and inside wiring.


The GigaWire solution utilizes the ITU-T standard which has been tried and true for over a decade globally. Through its constant advancement and development continues to rely on standards bodies like the HomeGrid Forum (HGF) to bring the world’s best Technology innovators, silicon chipset vendors and system manufacturers together to serve millions of customer end-points for all types of Service Providers. These technology advancements and on-going cost reductions continues to make an extremely viable for solution now and into the future.


gigawire coax
gigawire pox/poe power

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