As a result of existing global supply chains, most brand suppliers no longer have their own factories. Instead, professional OEM and design processing manufacturers―both OEM and ODM―complete the final product processing and manufacturing links.  However, for various reasons, it is usually not a pleasant experience for most small and medium-sized R&D companies―as well as technology integrators―to find the right product design and manufacturer. This process is usually fraught with painful time zone hurdles, language barriers to effective communication, and endless product quality disputes.


        Even for large-scale brand product suppliers, it can be a torturous task to find the right factory partner in a field which they are not intimately familiar. To exacerbate matters, when it comes to ODM and OEM, a manufacturing plant that is suitable for other companies may not necessarily be a manufacturing plant suitable for one’s own company.


        Fortunately, the product management team at Technity Solutions can assist our partners with finding the most suitable product development and manufacturers that meet their specific requirements and needs. Our local quality team can also ensure delivery quality and delivery time for customers.


        Several types of ODM/OEM projects that we have completed or are currently completing for customers include:


      • Combo PON OLT and 100G/400G high-speed optical modules
      • Industrial-grade POE switches
      • Pizza box GPON OLT
      • Ultra-high-definition robotic cameras
      • Super capacitor power systems
      • Mini bitcoin mining machines
      • Smart home security systems