For suppliers of electronic and communication products, when your products officially enter the market of any country, they must pass the market access test and obtain relevant certificates. These include electronic and communication products sold in the United States. For these, FCC certification is required and Canadian communications products usually require IC certification. The European market generally requires CE certification while the Brazilian market needs to pass ANATEL certification similar to CE requirements.


        It is critical that standard requirements for certification must be considered by product and R&D engineers at the beginning of product design stage. There are countless examples of products that have been unable to sell on time in the target market because the risks involved in certification were not fully considered at the beginning of the design when they should have been.


        Technity Solutions has experienced and certified R&D engineers on staff who can help customers review design risks and test engineering samples to ensure that customer products have no issues with radiation or other safety design standards. Furthermore, Technity Solutions and its partners can provide various certification tests to assist customers in getting access to certificates more quickly.


        We also have some of the best test laboratories available for use on call. For example, the laboratories of our partners in Asia have some of the only large-scale, fully enclosed Wi-Fi 6 test experimental environments in the world. These labs enable our valued customers to gain substantial technical and time advantages in design certification testing.


        Technity Solutions also provides third-party lab pre-testing and certification services to support design and manufacturing cycles.


        We regularly help customers with all the following:


      • Hardware development including witness and certification
      • Technical review, improvement, and sampling tests
      • DFMEA, MTBF, failure analysis, environment test, and lifetime verification


        The certification testing that we provide to global customers include:


      • EMC certification testing
      • Radio frequency certification testing
      • Safety certification testing
      • Environment certification testing


        Overall, Technity Solutions is your best choice for testing and certification service providers.