Technity Solutions via its line brand OnBox, brings the most advanced and highest quality Wi-Fi Solutions available in the market today.  In every aspect of connectivity, the OnBox solution makes it easy to connect laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, smart doorbells, smart thermostats and essentially any smart device that connects via Wi-Fi with seamless ease.  Its incredible coverage and range blankets all levels of every corner in the home to support the extreme high-data rate connections demanded by users today. 

While the OnBox products are designed to achieve excellence in all aspects of in-home Wi-Fi, it also supports Service Providers and Communication Network Operators by providing standards-based interfaces and management protocols like TR069 to eliminate any compromise of performance at the cost of remote support manageability.  The in-home product suite that is offered by OnBox continues to bring the most up to date coverage capabilities (Wi-Fi 6) with a complete service offering platform (TR069) that delivers a market differentiating customer experience that is changing how we connect in the home.  


The new OnBox W1800 suite of devices combines high-powered coverage while utilizing the limitless expansion of the Wi-Fi 6 GHz spectrum to deliver an unmatched Wi-Fi experience (Wi-Fi 6).  The 6 GHz spectrum has unlocked more Wi-Fi channels for use, including 14 80MHz channels and 7 160MHz channels. This 6GHz Wi-Fi band delivers a crystal-clear signal and ultra-fast Wi-Fi speeds that has all your devices covered, including the latest AR and VR additions and 8K streaming devices.

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