The telecommunications market today presents significant challenges when it comes to delivering timely solutions and products to customers with the highest levels of quality and integrity. In many cases, end customers erroneously expect brand suppliers or integrators to easily provide a completely integrated end-to-end solution to meet all of their specific needs.


        However, once engaged, end customers quickly discovered that due to the complexity of telecommunication products, it is a risky endeavor and expensive to completely rely on a single supplier to do everything for them. In fact, we have found through experience that sole reliance on a brand supplier―that uses its own research and development (R&D) and product resources―frequently results in major project delays that are costly and lead to sharp declines in overall customer experience and satisfaction.


        To counteract this common situation, Technity Solutions provides an experienced product management and R&D project team. These professionals maintain close connections with independent telecommunications and enterprise network solution teams around the world with specialized expertise in telecommunications design, development, and chip solutions.


        As a result, we provide our brand supplier partners with modular products and system solutions that close the large delivery gaps typical in end-to-end customer solutions provided exclusively by brand owners. This reduces delays and avoids unnecessary expenses while creating optimal conditions for the timely delivery of customer products.


        Technity Solutions provides system integration solutions for major integrator customers. These include:


      • Data center optical communication integration schemes (both passive and active)
      • 5G base station for color light backhaul schemes
      • MDU gigabit solutions based on the use of coaxial cables
      • High-power POE BT power supply schemes
      • High-power outdoor DC power supply schemes
      • A full range of CPE and enterprise server UPS solutions
      • Cloud-based corporate network and home firewall solutions
      • FTTH full range of field optical instruments and optical network monitoring solutions


        The product manager and pre-sales support team at Technity solutions can serve as brand partner with team members to provide first-line or second-line product design and solution integration support services. Ultimately, the satisfaction of your customers is our success.