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Canyon Optical Testers are the premiere choice for Carrier and Enterprise fiber optic test equipment, with a wide range of Super-Tough fiber optic testers to inspect, clean, verify, certify, and troubleshoot all types of fiber optic cable networks.  Fiber optic cabling has become the standard for today’s Datacom networks requiring the verification of performance a critical aspect of any installation.


With Optical fiber now the standard for cloud, datacenters and the overall backbone for communication service networks throughout the world, other network environments continue to go full optical.  Network speeds and bandwidth demands will only increase making the need to understand and document distance and loss limitations a critical aspect for any network design.


Fiber optic communication systems now more than ever require the right tools to turn up new links and to troubleshoot existing links. Canyon Optical Testers have a wide range of Fiber Optic testing products to help certify that power losses are within standards and to troubleshoot broken and high loss links on single mode and multimode fiber. Canyon Optical Testers are designed to be rugged, reliable and easy to use in any environment.

Test with Confidence 

Optical cable links require versatile testing equipment to achieve the highest level of detailed information of installation and application standards, with exceptional ability to document and communicate your test results.

User Friendly

Canyon Optical Testers are handheld fiber optic certification testers that quickly and easily certify multi-mode and single-mode networks

One-click Testing

By the press of a button, Canyon Optical Testers can measure fiber length and optical loss on two fibers at two wavelengths, compute the optical loss budgets, compares the results to the selected industry standards

Easy Management and Connectivity

Test results can then be easily saved, managed and communicated with the rest of the team via Wi-Fi.

Flexible combination

Canyon’s light source and power meter solutions work together to measure multimode and single mode fiber loss


Feature Products