Intelligent Multi-service Wi-Fi Controller
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SAC700E is a high-performance commercial multi-service wireless access controller, it features advanced multicore parallel processors and supports interface expansion. With powerful functions including wireless data processing, business monitoring, application insight, and devices management, SAC700E is widely applied to commercial & intelligent wireless innovation services in smart cities, businesses, education industry, and multiple government enterprises.


SAC700E supports centralized & distributed forwarding and AP zero configuration. Compared with independent FAT APs, SAC700E has integrated QoS, security, and roaming features, which have significantly improved the overall quality, reliability and stability of multi-service wireless network. Its real-time monitoring on the AP RF environment allows the automatic regulation on the power and channel of APs, and provides load balancing strategies based on the amount of users and data traffic. 


SAC700E provides comprehensive commercial and smart WLAN solutions which support high-speed user authentication, flexible customized information Portal services, intelligent application identification, user behavior recording, commercial Wi-Fi data acquisition, statistics & analysis, and centralized & distributed Portal delivery.

Intelligent access point management

  • Central AP configuration and management of all network access points
  • Zero-touch configuration for access point deployment
  • Scalable to 4096 Wi-Fi access points
  • Sophisticated load balancing optimizes the number of connected clients and data traffic per access point

Superior quality of experience for users

  • Excellent coverage in commercial and enterprise deployments
  • Up to 200,000 device users supported
  • Up to 256,000 MAC address entries supported
  • Multi-core, multi-thread processing
  • Seamless authentication and L2/L3 roaming across multiple controllers and networks

Smart RF management

  • Continuously monitors the wireless network
  • Automatically configures access point RF parameters and adjusts power and channel assignments
  • Network self-heals in the event of an access point failure

Multiple commercial and intelligent WLAN functions

  • Supports user behavior tracking and can serve as an information security management system (wireless front end) in venues such as Internet bars together with the ISM
  • Mobile application identification, enabling big data analysis on users
  • Intelligent monitoring and alerting on the status of wireless terminals and service systems
  • Integration of rich functions including authentication (APP authentication supported), Portal content service, HTTP built-in ads, and local maintenance of ad content

Robust security, high reliability

  • Supports various access authentication modes, including 802.1x and portal-based solutions
  • Strict user access policies ensure secure access
  • WPA/WPA2 data encryption

Flexible network architecture and data forwarding options

  • Configurable for centralized or local data forwarding
  • Centralized data forwarding routes all control and data traffic through the gateway for maximum control
  • Local data forwarding provides lower latency and higher bandwidth, while maintaining centralized user management and security-optimal for large-scale deployments
  • Multi-level access controller deployment



6 x GE ports

2 x Gigabit optical port

2 x Expansion slots

2 x USB2.0 ports

Power consumption

75 W maximum

Power supply

100 V to 240 V AC, 50~60 Hz

Optional power supply

36 V to 72 V DC

Dimensions (W x H x D)

426 mm x 44 mm x 400 mm


6.25 kg

Operating temperature

0°C to 40°C

Storage temperature

–40°C to +85°C

Relative humidity

5%~80% noncondensing

MAC addresses


ARP table entries




Access points

1024 maximum (centralized forwarding) 4,096 maximum (local forwarding)


16,000 maximum (centralized forwarding) 200,000 maximum (local

Max. portal users




Centralized and local forwarding

CAPWAP channel encryption

Automatic power adjustment and automatic channel selection

SSID/USER based rate limiting

Load balancing

5G priority

Multiple SSID/hiding SSID/Chinese SSID

Intelligent service maintenance

Performance monitoring and statistics

Wi-Fi security


Internal portal authentication

Centralized/Distributed portal authentication

Third-party Portal authentication

Duration/Traffic-based charging

SMS/Username/Password authentication; Support one-button authentication exemption

User blacklist and whitelist

SSID-based Portal pages pushing

Multiple Portal templates

Support downloading APPs

User behavior recording

Application Identification

Terminal application identification

L2 and L3 functions

Radio limiting

AP isolation at layer

2 VLAN & Super VLAN

DHCP server

DHCP snooping


NTP server


1+1 stateful redundancy

System management

Configuration based on CLI or Web UI Login through console, SSH, or Telnet

Syslog system monitor

SNMP, Trap

License-based capacity (AP quantity) control




Multi-Service controller, the standard 1U chassis, 6x1Gbe RJ45 ports and 2x1Gbe SFP optical ports, two expansion slots, AC power. Not include the SFP modules; JadeOS is supported without AP License


Multi-Service controller, the standard 1U chassis, 6x1Gbe RJ45 ports and 2x1Gbe SFP optical ports, two expansion slots, DC power. Not include the SFP modules; JadeOS is supported without AP License

Software and License



Access Point Upgrade License (16 APs License) 


Access Point Upgrade License (64 APs License) 


Access Point Upgrade License (128 APs License) 


Access Point Upgrade License (512 APs License)